new work

Uncategorised • 16th Mar, 20

I have been working on a series of larger scale works lately along the theme of psychedelic tech heads. These will be shown at a group show called - 'lush' taking place at the top gallery of jacobs market in Cardiff city centre on friday 14thg August. These detailed paintings based on heads have been a reoccuring motif over the years.

I have also completed a new painting called zipped cloud which will be shown at lush too.

The 'Lush' exhibition will include artists - Alan Baynes, Pria borg-marks, Thomas barwick, eugene capper and me so far with live music from martin callingham so far and djing from chris fowler. More live acts tbc soon.

Music wise i have been working on three projects simultaneously over the last year at Ty Drwg studios in Cardiff with Frank Naughton. These are a hiphop/spoken word project, a concept album about bedding and sleep called -'quilty pleasures' and a new no thee no ess album which is a collaboration between me, paul battenbough and frank naughton. These will be released on a new label which i am starting this year. Details to follow.